Credit redemption

With the repurchase of credit, you group all your credits into one. It allows you to lighten your finances and simplify the management of your daily life. Some tips to make the most of it.
Many households take several credits at the same time without affecting their financial situation. However, it may happen that because of a hard blow (loss of employment of one of the spouses, illness, accident ...) the critical threshold of the debt ratio is exceeded and the rest to live is finally too low for allow them to deal with all other charges.

It is at this moment that a credit redemption becomes possible. By collecting auto loans, conso and eventually real estate in one, with lower monthly payments, it can quickly regain purchasing power. Even if it is longer term and more expensive the very appreciable gain that it brings in terms quality of life makes it the best option and often the only alternative to the spiral of over-indebtedness.

The logic of buying real estate is different because it will take advantage of a lower rate to save on a current home loan. This can only be done when the differential between the old rate and the new one is quite large - usually greater than or equal to 1% - to compensate for prepayment penalties, new credit charges and new insurance. borrower. It is therefore reserved for relatively recent credits, contracted in a period of less than three or four years. If all these conditions are met, it is possible to achieve significant savings, ranging from 20,000 to 30,000 euros for a mortgage of 200,000 euros.

Other credits

You have a specific goal in mind or a specific project type to achieve. So you have several possibilities. Contact CEFINO and submit your request with your idea of realization. CEFINO will accompany you in this project for your great satisfaction