Several types of information are likely to be collected on the CEFINO website. They serve us better to know you in order to facilitate your navigation and make you commercial offers adapted to your wishes and your needs. The data we collect are twofold: During your first visit, we ask you to identify yourself using your account number and your PIN (changeable with each connection), then select a number of interests from a list that we propose. This data allows us to recognize you when you arrive on the site and to present you a personalized welcome page according to your interests. At any time you can access your profile and modify it by clicking on the tab "modify my preferences".

The information on your identity, your financial situation, the products you have subscribed and all the operations related to the management of your accounts or products marketed by CEFINO are strictly confidential and can not be sold under any circumstances. The information used by our partners or companies offering products on our site are transmitted to your initiative (during an online purchase from a partner for example). The treatment of the information that you communicate to them is under their exclusive responsibility.

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The company CEFINO provides the information contained on this Site for purely informative purposes, being therefore of no contractual nature, and strives to check its veracity and to keep its sites up to date within the framework of a simple obligation of means. However, no guarantee is made concerning the accuracy, precision, updating or completeness of the information made available on the Site.
Therefore and with the exception of gross negligence or intent, CEFINO declines all responsibility for any damage resulting in particular from inaccuracy or inaccuracy of the information available on the Site or from any infringement resulting from a fraudulent intrusion of a third party on the Site with the intent to harm the interests or the image of the company CEFINO, in particular by distorting the information listed on the Site. The responsibility of CEFINO can not be held for any damage or virus that could damage or make unusable your computer equipment following the visit of its Site.

The information you are required to communicate to us is twofold: They may be essential for the direct management of your accounts and the subscription of products. They can be linked to your needs and interests, allowing you to benefit from personalized service. You can, in accordance with the Data-processing law and Freedoms nº78-17 of January 6th, 1978, to oppose you since your first connection to the transfer of this information to organisms. You can also object to the use of your contact information by writing to CEFINO.

We hope that this confidentiality charter has allowed you to better understand how the CEFINO site was managed. If however, you wish to speak with us about a problem concerning it or simply to put a question on our site, do not hesitate to us.