Transform the enterprise through a collaborative approach

As leaders, our customers face constant change - from transforming their operations to emerging markets, restructuring the business to improve operational efficiencies, and meeting new requirements. or mitigate certain risks. It is therefore necessary to provide a quick, proven and flexible response, while ensuring that the right people, the right processes and the right technologies are in place to maximize performance, regardless of competition and economic conditions.

CEFINO's corporate consulting services provide our clients with the know-how they need to grow their business and their revenues, while improving efficiency and adaptability. We have the capabilities and scope to combine multi-sectoral, operational and technological expertise to ensure successful transformation and long-term performance. We take a unique approach to consulting: we listen to our customers and innovate with them to ensure their long-term success.

Experience and know-how

CEFINO's consultants guide some of the largest and most complex companies. We advised a global insurance provider to implement a new sales approach and adoption of digital tablets, all in six months, which has resulted in increased customer interaction. A unique approach to entrepreneurs based on :

1. A network of international teams (Germany, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Spain, United States, France, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore) at your disposal.

2. The sectoral expertise provided in each area of your need.

3. Privileged access to entrepreneurs and private investors.

4. A global platform offering a global service offering (corporate finance, syndication, financing, fundraising, etc.)

5. Specialized expertise in heritage engineering.

From now on, trust our consultants with expertise.