Good to know to get a mortgage

Despite generally available rates, getting a mortgage is often difficult. It must be said that home loans are generally considered the riskiest by the lending institutions. So it's not a surprise that they are so picky when it comes to tuning them.

Of course, borrowers on permanent contracts will be privileged, but that does not mean that the CDD or the freelance workers must necessarily abandon their project. A key element to maximize your chances of getting is to make a good personal contribution, the more important it is and the more likely you are to see your request granted. Generally, most banks will require a minimum contribution of 10% to 15%, if you can afford to go up to 20% or 30% it's all the better.

It is equally important to look after your credit report, especially your bank statements. Of course, overdrafts must be avoided which contribute to giving a negative image to the possible lenders. If you still have outstanding loans, you must ensure that the total of all monthly payments (including that of the future mortgage) does not exceed the threshold of 33% of your income. If this threshold is exceeded, it is better to wait until you have finished repaying all your credits before submitting your application.

Maximize your chances of getting a home loan

The mortgage simulation with CEFINO allows you to quickly increase your chances of seeing your project succeed. You can multiply the simulations and comparisons, in order to find the right compromise in terms of rate, duration of loan, amount of monthly payments and personal contribution and thus benefit from the credit most suited to your needs.

In addition, with CEFINO you only have to fill out a single form to receive details of the proposals from each lending institution, including the APR and the amount of monthly payments. You can then analyze each offer quietly and without pressure. And all this is totally free.

The cost of insurance is not negligible in a mortgage. But thanks to the delegation of insurance, you now have the opportunity to opt for a contract cheaper than that proposed by the lending institution. CEFINO also offers a credit insurance comparison service, to help you find a mortgage even cheaper.