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Corporate Name and Registered Office

This site is the property of the company CEFINO, registered with the register of trade and companies of MONTPELLIER, whose registered office is located Rue des Passage. Its Management Board and Supervisory Board with a capital of 4,200,000 €, approved as a Specialized Credit Institution and subject to the control of the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority. CEFINO's commitments on complaint handling
If you encounter difficulties relating to the services provided and to the execution of the contracts concluded with CEFINO, we invite you to follow the following procedure: If the answer given by your adviser does not satisfy you and you wish to raise a complaint, contact our consumer service

Our services undertake to acknowledge receipt of your request within 10 days and to provide you with an answer within 2 months from receipt of the complaint. If the dispute persists and the answers provided do not meet your expectations, you have the option of seizing an independent mediator. Enter the Mediator of the French Association of Financial Companies by writing to the following address: The Mediator of the ASF - 75854 Paris Cedex 17 or on the site The latter will recommend a solution within a period of three months from the referral, and this, without prejudice to other legal action. Our commitment to data protection. "We are committed to ensuring the security of personal data through strict procedures within our company.For data collected" online ", we use a method of securing that guarantees a high level of protection. displayed by your Internet browser indicates that you are in a part of the CEFINO site which is subject to enhanced security, based on reliable protocols and internationally recognized.With our secure service and encryption of confidential data, we ensure a full protection of your identification, so you can give us personal information confidentially. " Proof of the operations carried out on the site www.CEFINO.NET
CEFINO offers its clients online loan services on the website, which allows the execution of loans, credits, financing, underwriting of products and financial services online. Access to these services is done by connecting to the Customer Area by an SSL security protocol.

The customer acknowledges being informed that all the operations performed on the Customer Area are recorded electronically by CEFINO. All the computer recordings used for the reception of the conclusion of the contract by the customer or their conservation or reproduction in digital or paper format will be valid between the Parties to the conclusion of the contract and will constitute for CEFINO the proof of this conclusion and the justification of the provision of the corresponding financial service to the relevant financial service.

The hypertext links established towards other sites can not engage the responsibility of CEFINO in particular as regards the content of these sites. CEFINO is not responsible for hypertext links pointing to this site and prohibits any person from setting up such a link without its express and prior authorization.

CEFINO services
The sum of your credit is at your disposal as soon as possible, subject to acceptance of your file and after the expiry of the legal period of withdrawal of 14 days including 7 days incompressible after the signing of your contract.

Agreement on amicable recovery in consumer credit
The ASF and the co-signatory consumer organizations have agreed as follows: this agreement concerns amicable recovery, that is to say the phase that precedes the execution by a bailiff of a title obtained of a judge by the creditor. The persons in charge of the amicable recovery acting for the account of the establishments of consumer credit have for mission to listen and to contact the customer in order to reach an amicable solution to the difficulties of payment that it meets and, as far as to make can, maintain the business relationship with him. If the unpaid amount originates from a claim that can not be settled immediately, the customer will be referred to the consumer service and then the ASF mediator. Amicable recovery is an extremely important phase in the relationship between a borrower and a lender. The institutions undertake to respect and enforce by the natural or legal persons acting on their behalf (collection companies, investigators, etc.) the rules of ethics.